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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?
  • Call us toll-free to 1-888-906-2691 or submit our simple donation form
  • We Tow your Car at Absolutely no Charge
  • We will send you a receipt for your tax deduction
Recycling Made Easy with Auto Salvage!

Recycling Made Easy! Go Green and get cash for your junk car!

The world of auto salvage is not the same as it was fifty years ago. We are on the brink of a global disaster with warming and pollution. At Junk Car Removal, we haveconsidered these factors and have delivered cost-effective, eco-friendly options for the many consumers out there with unwanted Cars. Recycle for a cause; give back and save the environment. Junk Car Removal offers cash for junk cars and does its part in helping the environment by recycling used parts and keeping junk scraps - rubber, metal, and plastic - out of the environment. You can buy and sell junk cars through Junk Car Removal, you are not only saving money, you are helping to heal the environment.